A multifunctional swap integrating transaction,exchange,farm,wallet and chart


what is teddydoge´╝č

A one-stop full-featured decentralized exchange.

Including a swap, aggregate transactions, liquidity, farm, 15 mainstream chain transactions, 15 mainstream cross-chains, 15 mainstream chain chart system, token and liquidity multi-scheme locking, TeddyWallet and derivatives.

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15 billion total issuance TeddySwap 9 billion for liquidity of DEX 2 billion private placement, 20 private placement units, lock-up for 30-90 days, lock-up and address announcement. The total private equity fund is 300,000 USDT.
2.8billion held by the team, and the address will be announced.
The 500 million community 1st IDO funds are 100,000 USDT, and the issue price is 0.0002$.
The 200 million community 2nd IDO funds are 100,000 USDT, and the issue price is 0.0005$.
500,000,000 is used as farm staking bonus, and 500,000 is automatically injected into the farm reward every day. 1000 days of injection is completed.
Contract(BSC): 0xdb79c12d1d0670988a39b0e48b96e955ef922d24

Token contract transaction tax: 10%

5% return to the marketing wallet for the promotion of traffic websites such as cmc dextools.

3% reflow pancakeswap's LP liquidity

1% project



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